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    Following is the list of very useful resources. – for managing lists online – making lists online – Create test online – Color Resource

    Photo Resourses
    StockSnap –
    Life of Pix –
    Life of Vids –
    Burst –
    Freerange –
    Kaboompics –
    Flickr –
    Pixabay – – For Maths, Graph, Art, Analytic – for setting place holders for images. – To optimize website, first have review of site performance at – online image editors
    PDF info changer – edits pdf metadata, free utility


    Php-MySql Apps

    Scripts Chunk Downloads

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    To move any webiste here, update nameservers as
    Name Server:
    Name Server:
    Name Server:
    Name Server:

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    Best SAC is 999799

    Search Taxpayer
    SAC Detail :
    GST Returns – list and details.
    Search GST # by PAN # :
    Search GST # by PAN #

    n.e.c. → Not elsewhere classified.

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    Welding Electrode Nomenclature 

    E indicates electrode for arc welding.

    The first two (or three) digits indicate tensile strength (the
    resistance of the material to forces trying to pull it apart) in
    thousands of pounds per square inch of the deposited metal.

    The third (or fourth) digit indicates the position of the weld. 0
    indicates the classification is not used; 1 is for all positions; 2 is
    for flat and horizontal positions only; 3 is for flat position only.

    The fourth (or fifth) digit indicates the type of electrode
    coating and the type of power supply used; alternating or direct
    current, straight or reverse polarity.
    The types of coating, welding current, and polarity position
    designated by the fourth (or fifth) identifying digit of the electrode
    classification are as listed in table 5-4.
    6) The number E6010 indicates an arc welding electrode
    with a minimum stress relieved tensile strength of 60,000 psi; is used
    in all positions; and reverse polarity direct current is required.

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    SS Grades 

    SS301 contains less chromium and nickel than 302 for more work hardening.

    SS302 is the basic type of the 300 series, 18% chromium— 8% nickel group. It is the renowned 188
    Stainless and is the most widely used of the chromium nickel stainless and heat resisting steels.

    303 contains added phosphorus and sulfur for better machining characteristics.Corrosion resistance is slightly less than 302/304.
    Type 303Se contains Se and P added to improve machinability.
    Type 305 has increased nickel to lower work hardening properties.

    Type 309309Shave added chromium and nickel for more corrosion resistance and high temperature scaling resistance. 309S contains less carbon to minimize carbide precipitation.

    Type 310310Shave higher nickel content than 309309Sto further increase scaling resistance.310S contains less carbon than 310 to minimize carbide precipitation.

    Type 321 contains titanium to tie up the carbon and avoid chromium carbide precipitation in welding.

    Type 330 ultra high nickel content provides best corrosion resistance to most furnace atmospheres. This grade has low coefficient of expansion, excellent ductility and high strength.

    Type 347 – 348 have columbium tantalum added to tie up the carbon and avoid chromium carbide precipitation in welding. Use for temperatures from 800to 1650 degrees F.
    Type 405 contains 12% chromium with aluminum added to prevent hardening.
    Type 430 is the basic type in the ferritic group, possessing good ductility and excellent resistance to atmospheric corrosion. Its scaling resistance is higher than 302 in intermittent service, somewhat lower in continuous use.
    Type 430F430Sehave sulfur and selenium (respectively) added for increased machinability.
    Type 442 has added chromium for improved resistance to scaling.
    Type 446 has still higher chromium content (27%) for added scaling resistance and is highest of the standard straight chromium types. Alloys with over 30% chromium become too brittle to process.
    Type 410 is the basic Martensitic type. It is the general purpose corrosion and heat resisting chromium stainless steel. It can be hardened by thermal treatment to a wide range of mechanical properties. It can be annealed soft for cold drawing and forming. This grade is always magnetic.
    Type 403 is a special high quality steel made for blades and buckets for steam turbine and jetengine compressors. This grade is eminently suited for very highly stressed parts. This material is magnetic in all conditions.
    Type 416416Se
    are modifications of Type 410, being the free machining, nonseizing, nongalling alloys. These properties are obtained by the addition of sulfur or selenium to Type 410.This is a heat treatable grade with corrosion resistance and other characteristics closely approaching those of Type 410.
    Type 420 is a chromium stainless steel capable of heat treatment to a maximum hardness of approximately 500 Brinell. It has a maximum corrosion resistance only in the fully hardened condition. Type 420 is magnetic in all conditions.
    Type 431 is a nickel bearing (1.252.00%)chromium stainless steel which may be heat treated to high mechanical properties. It is magnetic in all conditions of use. It has superior corrosion resistance to Types 410, 416, 420, 430 and 440 stainless steels.
    Type 440C is the stainless steel that can be heat treated to the highest hardness of any of the

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    pipe designations 

    First Two Digits
    WP stands for Weldable & made from Pipe
    WC stands for Weldable & made from Casting

    Next digits: Example
    A/B/C stands for items equivalent to grade B WPB, WPC S stands for Seamless Construction WP-S
    W stands for Welded fittings WP-W
    WX stands for all welds are 100% radiographed WP-WX WU stands for all welds are 100% ultrasonically tested WP-WU L stands for low temp service WPL6 (Here 6 denotes 60 ksi strength)

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    Disposable email services

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    Access Identifiers
    public : This is the default and undeclared value
    private: Can be accessed in the class itself.
    protected : can be accessed in the child class

    static : variable can be used using :: operator , no class instantiation is required for functions., eg User: : $name;
    abstract: These classes can not be used as such but need to be extened.
    final : stops further modification.
    iterateObject : This method let iterate instances of all objects.

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    Using mySql and android with volley library

  • Mukesh Dak 14:41 on November 20, 2022 Permalink | Full Working MySql CRUD Android App with php, MySql connection.

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